Ways To
Beloved seeking spiritual youth

Do you desire to learn to live your faith
in God Almighty in Christ to overcome the god of the economy?

Then Ourplace is your place to discover how to hear and obey God
To have God help you survive & contribute to a life of wellness & wealth - yours & others

At Ourplace we daily trust God for all of our needs;  spirit, soul and body
This includes all of our material and financial needs. God faithfully provides

Help Yourself via Ourplace

Check out what God has already got us doing to Survive with Power
And to daily receive our every material and financial need

Review this information by reading the rest of this Ways To Contribute page

You may similarly Print out the
Ourplace Contributor Prospectus Booklet
You may print this out in booklet form to start practicing
Godly Financial Principles we use daily. These are briefly outlined below 

Godly Financial Principles Used by Ourplace 
  • Daily use of all resources. We trust God for tomorrow. A Reserve is kept for basic operations
  • All who work with Ourplace do so freely without economic pay
  • God  rewards us in peace, protection and provision for our work and lives
    Certain professionals are hired as needed
  • Ourplace first gives a 10% tithe of all our cash income to help others – Then, we give freely and joyfully our offerings and alms - Plus, pay our taxes, fees and other government costs regularly - To support the infrastructures where we live and work - Unlike most non-profits and charities - Who pay NO taxes & may NOT EVEN pay a tithe (10% of income)
  • Our desire is to regularly giveaway more cash than we use for the Ourplace God-blessed work
  • As a sole proprietorship Ourplace pays all applicable taxes. It does not issue tax receipts
  • We mainly  pay expenses in cash. For credit payments we reserve the cash
  • We keep all records, reports and audits simple and transparent
  • Our financial activities are managed by competent volunteer-TSWs and paid professionals
  • All contributed resources in cash, treasure, time, talent or in-kind  are recorded to protect
    contributor’s anonymity.   We do not provide government agencies contributor lists
  • Ourplace secures funds for our needs from our own resources first
  •  Then we ask a limited number of people or organizations for their help

More Ways to Help Yourself via Ourplace  

God may also lead you to help yourself via Ourplace in several other ways
These are
offered freely to you to bless yourself and others

We at Ourplace believe that everything belongs to God
That God sees all and God rewards all according to the heart’s desire and good works
of those willing  to obey God and practice living life successfully - His Way!

We do not copyright our material. We trust God to judge our motives and ways, and protect us
However material copyrighted by others used in this web site should be respected as such
And clearance secured from those copyright owners

You may check for the others whose material is used in this website by clicking
under the Ourplace button on Copyright & Credits for Others
This will show you whose material is copyrighted   ...    Please respect their copyrights

All other material in this website you may freely use in this www.hendrickus-of Ourplace.com web site
You may copy it, distribute it or even make a business out of what you find here

It is all free from God!   …    Remember though, God watches all and judges each of us

You may also let Ourplace know what your specific needs are
Be they spiritual, mental, physical, material or financial
We can then pray for you and see if we have resources to help

Always give God the glory for fulfilling your needs!
It’s good for God’s business and you

Help Ourplace

We also  realize that God desires to bless others
through freely contributing to his Ourplace work as he leads you

That’s why we wrote the Ourplace Contributor Prospectus 
To guide those who may wish to contribute
Print out a copy by clicking on the Ourplace Contributor Prospectus

Read it please prayerfully - And ask God what he would have you do for Ourplace
using your time, talents or treasure/finances?

Do only what God is telling you to do and he provides you the resources

Present Ourplace Needs

In this section we will regularly share, update and report results on Present Ourplace Needs 
These are prayed over by us and we believe authorized by God

Please prayerfully review these Present Ourplace Needs
And see if God would have you be a blessing-avenue for him

Present Ourplace Needs
The Needs Details Est. Cost In Canadian $ Results To-Date
1. AllAboutU Ugame Video Produce 3 min animation $ 15,000 $ 14,500
2. U Comment Campaign
for AllAboutU Video
Conduct U Comment Campaign with
OpCTeam, SSPs and Influencers

$ 5,000

$ 1,000

3. AllAboutMoolah Song Produce
Air on SM sites + Ph YouTube
$ 1,000
$ 2,000
$ 250
4. New Ourplace YouTube Banner Artwork Produce $ 750 $ 300
5. Ourplace YouTube New Short Name Secure 100 subscribers $ 500 $ 100
6. hendrickus7.com Blog Expand Make mobile friendly $ 1,000 $ 100
7. Ourplace Website Mobile Friendly Develop SEO Mobile Program $ 3,000 $ 100
8. Expand Op & Ph Social Media (SM) Message of Mercy (MOM) Focus Op & Ph SM Market
Penetration for MOM
$ 5,000 $ 500
9. OWWW New O Canada
National Debt Anthem
Produce New O Canada OWWW Song
Place New O Canada OWWW Song in WWW
$ 1, 000
$ 2,000
$ 100
$ 100
10. Expand Ugame Game Items Develop Ugame Ideas
Smart Car Video, Econo Stupid, FoxPutin, 3G Banditos, eWW3, Proverbs 31 Women, Hillary's New Pink White House, Raul Castro Working in Ameria at Miami BurgerKing
$1,500 $ 0
11. Translate Ourplace web site Translate into 7 foreign languages
all web pages 

$ 14,000

$ 2,000

12. Translate Ourplace Proclamations and Operation Booklets Translate into the 7 foreign languages of  French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Persian, Arabic and Hebrew $26,000 $5,000
13. Print Proclamations and Ourplace Operation Booklets Printing est. @ $5/Bklt for 200 each + maling envelopes $13,000 $2,000

Estimated Total Cost in Canadian $$$
If you can contribute your talent or in kind resources to help Ourplace we will not need the cash.
You may also choose to pay our suppliers directly. This can be arranged with our suppliers.

How to Make Contributions

As God leads you to help Ourplace with funds, in-kind services or goods,
or your time or talents you may make such contributions via the following options

1. Email Us At hendrickus@gmail.com
Tell us what you desire to do. And how you desire to make the contribution to Ourplace
Remember, we are an Ontario, Canada registered sole proprietorship. Thus, we do NOT give
tax receipts. We can send you, if you desire, an email or printed acknowledgment of your gift

2. Write and Send your Contribution to hendrickus of Ourplace

P O BOX 2636
(Richmond Hill is just North of Toronto, Canada)

Funds may be safely sent to this address in cash or cheque. We trust God to protect the funds
Thus far we have never lost or had a contribution stolen.
Praise God!

3. Direct Bank Deposit

You may make a direct bank deposit, in any currency, into our Royal Bank of Canada RBC account
from your bank or any reliable-authorized money transferring service - Use the reference #s below

  Financial Institution#
The transfer #        
The Account #
SWIFT CODE#          
021 00 0021

Your bank or reliable-authorized money transferring service may charge you a fee for this
Check first with your transferring agent as to applicable fees

Ourplace will pay all transfer fees due to our RBC Royal Bank for our end

4. PayPal Contribution Transfer

You may also choose to make a financial contribution, in any currency, via PayPal
Such financial contributions can be made via PayPal by telephone, fax, mail and/or internet

Ourplace pays all fees associated with this type of money transfer to PayPal
This includes currency exchange fees, transfer and receiving fees

PayPal also allows you to make money contributions via Visa
Master Card, American Express, and the Discover credit card

Ourplace does NOT encourage anyone to use such credit cards if DEBT is incurred!!!

We use a credit card for our business needs. However, the day we incur the credit card debt
we reserve those funds in our account to pay the debt when the statement is due

Should you desire to make a money contribution via PayPal
When you are ready . . . Click on
And follow the PayPal instructions therein

You are not leaving our site
Thus, you may return at any time to the www.hendrickus-ofOurplace.com  web site

In Summary

We hope to expand our ability to help all who sincerely ask God for help via Ourplace
And be helped by those who desire to do so

Remember, we can only help as God wills and provides!
Ask God how you may help yourself and Ourplace?
You will be blessed beyond your wildest dreams!

God's Wellness & Wealth for You and Yours

hendrickus of Ourplace
Ourplace is a prophetic Christ-centered spiritual service - GOD's Way to Survive with Power unto Glory
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