You are
Beloved seeking spiritual youth
I see your hopelessness,
your tiredness of all the lies of your leaders,
your struggles with the economy, the environment
and extreme-entertainment, which never satisfies you!

You look like you’re alive! … But you’re really among
the walking-dead! The voice in your heart shouts
I want OUT!     OUT of the pit of perversion!    
OUT of the hopelessness of hell!
OUT of the ways of worthless living!

I need to Survive with Power … Now!!!
I need to
survive today’s chaos
have real power
belong to a real family

Beloved seeking spiritual youth, you have found your place to discover your dreams
and live your dreams
- a place where truth, tough-love and tried-ways are found

Seek God for Yourself Daily
Read and Practice Living God’s Message of Mercy and Holy Scriptures
Survive with Power today’s chaos, violence and devastation


Rejoice God’s beloved! … Rejoice! … For God himself has chosen you and yours to love, care for and provide for all of your needs of life. God has been doing this for thousands of years for millions of others who had enough and dared to trust him a little to do it for them

Ourplace … your place is the place ... to discover for yourself that God will meet you where you are at in your life
and your level of faith or no faith in him   ....     God will reveal himself personally to you

hendrickus-ofOurplace is a prophet of the Lord God Almighty in Christ
chosen, trained and anointed by God to be one of his secretaries, spokespersons and deliverymen of what God says

Everything herein has been practiced and lived in their daily lives
by other beloved members of God’s universal family.     It’s all-free!

Beloved seeking spiritual youth the time is now to enter fully into God’s Way of living life!
It’s your choice! Do you CHOOSE … LIFE! … or death!

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Ourplace is a prophetic Christ-centered spiritual service - GOD's Way to Survive with Power unto Glory
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