Your Place
Beloved seeking spiritual youth
Ourplace is your place
The place to discover more of God for yourself

God himself helps you live your dreams successfully in his way
God reveals himself to you personally as you learn to believe in him
Just trust God and ask him now to help you!

The work of Ourplace began in Naples SW Florida in 1982 on the Gulf of Mexico
Hendrickus in the midst of an affluent life of alcoholism, adultery, lying
and acquiring the world’s toys and trinkets cried out one day

“God if you’re real show me in my every day life!
Get me out of this hell-on-earth I’m living in today!”

God answered hendrickus! He set him totally free from alcoholism, adultery
and the rest of his diseases over the years. God gave hendrickus a new free life and ...

A Vision
to glorify God simply, quietly and humbly

A Mission
to freely help others to discover their dream and live it - God’s way!

God has fully saved, sanctified and baptized hendrickus in Christ
God has called and continues to train him as a prophet of the Lord God Almighty in Christ
Hendrickus is a secretary and spokesperson of God
He delivers what God says to God's people

Ourplace is a sole proprietorship registered in Canada
Ourplace first gives a 10% tithe of all our cash income to help others – Then, we give freely and joyfully our offerings & alms
Plus, pay our taxes, fees and other government costs regularly - To support the infrastructures where we live & work

Unlike most non-profits and charities who pay NO taxes & may NOT EVEN pay a tithe (10% of income)
Our desire is to regularly giveaway more cash than we use for the Ourplace God-blessed work

We freely give of our time, talent and treasure to anyone who asks God for help regardless of who you are

All of the Ourplace people are volunteers … no one gets paid economically
Full time volunteers are supported by God via Ourplace in their work and living needs
We use an
Ourplace Prudent Operating Reserve to reserve regular operating expenses

Ourplace secures funds for our daily operational needs and specific authorized projects
using a
Sustainable Funding Program. This obtains funds from our own resources first
Then we ask a limited number of people or organizations for their help and/or offer services to clients

You may obtain copies of our pertinent information. Write or email and ask us to send you the desired information
Some of the information can be read or printed within this website. Click on the information item in the drop down
window from the Ourplace button in the Top Nav Bar. And print out a copy to review at your leisure

Presently all God's Proclamations and Ourplace Booklets are only in English
Translations will come as resources and funds become available

Ourplace is a prophetic Christ-centered spiritual service. Our focus is first on the spiritual needs
of those who ask God for help. However, we desire to help anyone who asks God for help
through us in any matter of life and godliness

As a prophetic spiritual service we can only help as God leads us in Christ
and God provides through us
Earnest Praise Prayer to God in Jesus’ name guides all our activities

You may let Ourplace know what your specific needs are
Be they spiritual, mental, physical, material or financial
We can then pray for you and see if we have resources to help

Always give God the glory for fulfilling your needs!
It’s good for God’s business and you

Explore this web site at your leisure in peace
All herein is being practiced as best we can under God’s mercy and grace
We live it in our daily lives as beloved members of God’s universal family

All herein is totally free!

You may thus freely use whatever you find in this web site
You may copy it, distribute it or even make a business out of what you find here

It is all free from God! ... Remember though, God sees all     ... even your motives

However, material copyrighted by others is noted in the Copyrith and Credits for Others section herein
Please honour these copyrights

Remember, God watches all and judges each of us

To CONTACT Ourplace Click CONTACT or E-mail Ourplace
Ourplace is a prophetic Christ-centered spiritual service - GOD's Way to Survive with Power unto Glory
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