Beloved seeking spiritual youth

February 1998, while living near New York City, God started to give
his prophet hendrickus a series of God’s Proclamations or public announcements
In these God personally invites those he has called to be part of his spiritual family to

Be Saved (survive today’s chaos)
Be Sanctified
(be fully empowered by God)
Be Baptised in Christ
(be in full communion with God)

God calls his Proclamations
A Message of Mercy For God’s Family in the Americas

God’s Americas cover his North America (Canada, the USA and Mexico)
Central America, the Caribbean, and his South America
The Americas are God’s focus for these Messages of Mercy

God’s true believing family on earth in Christ is hidden everywhere
in both sexes, all ages, cultures, languages and religions.   God is now bringing
out in
his final exodus 3 billion + 1 souls from his hidden spiritual family on earth
God will eventually reach all he has elected

God’s Message of Mercy Proclamations exhort you to now enter
God’s full righteousness in Christ! … To choose life and not death

God’s Message of Mercy Proclamations Cover

A Message of Mercy   Be Saved – Be Sanctified – Be Baptized  
Proc 1e
It invites you to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour
Be empowered of God’s Holy Spirit and be in communion with God and his universe

It also makes
Seven Revelations of the Lord God Almighty as to what God is doing in the Americas
the European Union and the world in our lifetime … These include; Hillary Rodham Clinton
becoming President of the USA … an Economic World War between the European Union and North America
resulting in World Wide Starvation.     In the end God uses all these devastating actions
to save 3 billion + 1 souls into his family and kingdom
Click A Message of Mercy to start reading this Proclamation

Be Saved   Proc 2e   God says what his salvation is and how to get it.   Click Salvation

Be Sanctified   Proc 3e    God says what his sanctification is and how to get it.   Click Sanctification

Be Baptised   Proc 4e    God says what baptism in Christ is and how to get it.   Click Baptism

The O' Canada Prayer   Proc 5e    God says what he is doing in his Dominion of Canada
How he uses Canada in his world revival.    Click O' Canada Prayer

A Day of Doom in America    Proc 7e    November 4th a d 2008
The day of the USA Presidential election
God declared the USA doomed as a nation … yet not as individuals. It is sinfully-evil rejecting God!
Click A Day of Doom in America

Awake & Act Now!   Proc 8e   November 27th a d 2008
The USA Day of Thanksgiving
God declared that he has given Barack Hussein Obama and all of his advisers a
lying spirit of enchantment
An evil spirit arousing people to ecstatic admiration through magic and sorcery.   Click Awake & Act Now!

A Day of Infamy in America    Proc 9e    January 20th a d 2009
The day Barack Hussein Obama took the oath of office of the USA President
God declared the USA as an evil, grossly-criminal people as a nation
Click A Day of Infamy in America

Prayerfully read these Proclamations as you would eat a fine meal - slowly

Rest & Reflect often. The Hebrews call this to Selah. You will notice our Selah button throughout this web site
Click on
Music next to and soft music will play while you Rest & Reflect
in what you are reading and learning from God via his Holy Spirit

Then ask God what YOU should DO to Survive with Power God’s Way unto Glory?
& How To Use God's Proclamations to Bless Yourself

How To Use God's Proclamations
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each Proclamation

To PRINT Proclamations
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