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Welcome to Ourplace – your place
To discover the truth for yourself about You, Your Dreams 
little gods, the Biggest-Lord God Almighty and
What this Biggest-God of all little gods can do for you … If you want it!

Here are a few facts about YOU nobody has probably ever told you!
Check them out for yourself !!!

You are actually 3 people in 1 
That’s right, you are a spirit-person (you breathe) + you are a soul-person (you think and have feelings)
+ you are
a physical-person (you have a body)     Here’s what God says about you
“and I pray God your whole spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless unto the
coming of our Lord Jesus Christ”

You are actually made by God 
That’s right, here’s what God says about who made you
“ Your eyes God, beheld my unformed substance when I was being made in secret
For you God did form my inward parts, you God knit me together in my mother’s womb”

You can live your dreams today 
That’s right, here’s what God says about your heart’s desires-your dreams 
“Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart (dreams)
For eye has not seen nor ear heard the things God has in store for you”

You do not need the Lord God Almighty … IF …
You are now and for the foreseeable rest of your life perfectly healthy & wealthy!
That’s right, …
IF you are perfectly healthy & wealthy spirit, soul and body and
your little gods such as money or fame are doing the job for you …
you may not need the Lord God Almighty!

Why bother with the Lord God Almighty who claims to have made you
have your best interest at heart and be ruling the whole universe
And who has some
house rules for you to successfully survive and live your dreams on his earth in his way

If however you and those of your leaders who say “Yes WE Can!” but  are NOT  controlling
the little gods of the economy and the environment to name a few
want the Lord God Almighty to help you and yours to
Survive with Power God’s Way?

You may today become a spiritual seeker of the truth
about the Lord God Almighty to help you and yours Survive with Power God’s Way!

You have found your place here at Ourplace to discover
the true you and live your dreams - God's Way!
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Ourplace is a prophetic Christ-centered spiritual service - GOD's Way to Survive with Power unto Glory
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